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Current Available Cookie Flavors: The Famous 4th Avenue Cookie (oatmeal chocolate chip) & Vanilla. Gourmet Flavors include: Almond, Cherry Almond, Spiced Apple Cider, and Cinnamon Spice. These are an additional 25 cents per cookie. Other Baked Goods Available: Cinnamon Rolls w/buttercream frosting on the side.
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All cookies are heat sealed for freshness, and include proper labeling required by the State of Iowa. This includes my information, allergy information, ingredients, quantity in each bag, and the flavor of the cookie. It’s a very simple presentation and free of charge. If you would like your packaging more detailed and colorful, perhaps for a gift, the cookie will be heat sealed, and will include my business card attached with bows and ribbons tied at the top. The sticker of information will still be included on the back, per State of Iowa requirements. This is a very pretty and classic presentation. This wrapping costs .25 cents per cookie. **Cinnamon rolls automatically come in a foodsafe container with frosting on the side. A sticker will also be included with information and ingredients. This is free of charge.
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